Progressive rock´n´roll

D’Accord have released three albums. In 2018 the band have released several singles. The singles are a part of a series of songs that’s not a part of any upcoming album. They are singles! However, new albums will be released. A fully equipped analog studio is the heart of the D’Accord work space. Please follow our profile at your music service to catch up as new music is released.

Latest Release



  • D’Accord, 2009 (Private release, sold out)
  • Helike, 2011 (Karisma Records, CD)
  • D’Accord III,  2014 (Karisma Records, CD&LP)

Both Helike and “III” are available from Plastic Head Distro. Norwegians may prefer to buy from Platekompaniet .

D’Accord III


  • Decameron: Ten Days In 100 Novellas, Vol.2, 2014
  • The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft – A Symfonic Collection, 2012

Helike and D’Accord  “III” is also available as CD and LP, and all major music services like Spotify and iTunes.


D’Accord’s Music have been well received by by critics, both in Norway and abroad. “Daniel impresses with his fine vocal, sounding like a mix of Peter Gabriel and Bowie”, a Danish reviewer said.